“Education Becomes Digital”

On the 7th of June 2023 the P-CUBE International Final Conference in Bruxelles

On the 7th of June 2023 the P-CUBE International Final Conference in Bruxelles

After three years after the project kick-off, P-CUBE International Final Conference “Education Becomes Digital” took place on the 7th of June 2023 in Brussels, benefitting from the umbrella of ALDA’s Festival and General Assembly, and the joint collaboration of ALDA’s “Youth empowerment and education” and “Digitalisation and Innovation” Thematic Hubs. 

Training new skills in a digitalised society

As the P-CUBE conference brought together a group of skilled experts, it was a fruitful occasion to tackle the trending topics of digitalisation, education’s gamification, and digital skills development. As a matter of fact, the European Commission has adopted the proposal to make 2023 the ”European Year of Skills” not only to boost competitiveness in the market but especially to enhance citizen participation in the fast-changing social environment of our countries. 

The event

The conference started after a networking cafe with the introductory remarks presented by Mr. Marco Boaria (Director of Programmes and Corporate Strategy in ALDA), who highlighted ALDA’s major actions in supporting youth empowerment and social innovation. 

As first speaker, Ms. Marta Markowska, Policy Officer at the Directorate General for Education, Youth Sport and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission, focused her intervention on the key opportunities offered by the European Union in terms of inclusive digital education and digital skills. Actions that represent also one of the pillars of the Erasmus+ program, and that are considered of pivotal importance to enhance citizen participation in public life in the near future.

The second contribution focused entirely on presenting the Playing Public Policy P-CUBE project and was shared by Ms. Saga Smith, Project Manager at Science for Democracy. After depicting P-CUBE main objectives and past activities, Ms Smith presented the last steps necessary to finalize the project before its completion. Furthermore, it is also the occasion to share how the partners of the project, ALDA, and Science for Democracy have implemented their actions to ensure the success of the project. The intervention ended after sharing with the audience the promotional video and a short video tutorial of the game.

The conference final round table discussion “Education goes digital” was moderated by ALDA’s PM Ms Dafne Sgarra, with a focus on three case studies: 1) the Lifelong Learning Platform‘s experience, presented by Mr Andrea Lapegna, Deputy Director of LLP; 2) the Megaskills and the ALL DIGITAL Academy, presented by Mr Afonso Araujo, Project Manager at ALL DIGITAL; 3) and of course, the P-CUBE game, exploring in particular science and public policy with Ms. Saga Smith. 

The P-CUBE International Final Conference concluded this first period of implementation as a rich opportunity to share the results and the impacts of the projects with other institutional representatives, NGOs, and ALDA’s members. Eventually, it was also a fruitful occasion to present to other stakeholders at the EU level the final version of the Policy Game that will be released in the next months.