Curriculum model

Ideally, the game can be conceived as a module to teach students or train professionals in virtually any scientific field – humanities, social sciences, life sciences, natural sciences and technology – where public policy plays a major role, without expecting them to take a full course on public policy analysis.

P-CUBE will also produce a curriculum model or, more precisely, a teaching module that includes:

  • a syllabus of the relevant scientific literature
  • an outline of the basics required for students to play the game competently
  • a set of suggestions about the different ways to insert the game into existing courses
  • a number of tests to assess the learning value of the module.

The module will be designed as both a standalone short course for HE students and practitioners interested in one specific policy field and as part of existing courses taught at HE institutions participating in the project (Politecnico di Milano/PoliMi, Autonomous University of Barcelona/UAB, University of Luxembourg/ and by our associated partners (Universities of Turin/UniTo, Padua/UniPD, Teramo/UniTE and of Milan-Bicocca/ UniMIB).