Curriculum model

P-CUBE is a versatile tool for teaching public policy to students and practitioners of all scientific fields. It can be used as a standalone module or integrated into traditional policy analysis courses.

The P-CUBE curriculum model comprises the following elements:

  • A syllabus providing information about the learning objectives, class format, required readings, and final tests;
  •  Five Literature reviews covering decision-making theory, urban innovation, EU policy, science, and social inclusion;
  • Resources for facilitators, such as Teaching instructions and Game narratives to help conduct game sessions;
  • Two stand-alone modules—one on Urban Innovation and one on Science—to organise crash courses using P-CUBE.

The elements of the curriculum model have been tested at HE institutions participating in the project (Politecnico di Milano/PoliMi, Autonomous University of Barcelona/UAB, University of Luxembourg/, with stakeholders and practitioners (Alda, Science for Democracy) and together with our associated partners (Padua/UniPD, Teramo/UniTE). 

Stand-Alone Module: Urban Innovation

Stand-Alone Module: Science and Public Policy