Community of interest

In order to ensure the sharing and dissemination of the expertise, learnings and results of the project, a Community of Interest has been created.

The participants of the Community of Interest have the opportunity to:

  • participate in different activities such as pilots, workshops, webinars and more;
  • receive and feature in the P-CUBE Newsletter;
  • enlarge the scope of the game by extending the gamification of the policy process to the implementation phase.
  • …and more!

Group of the European Youth for ChangeGEYC is a Romanian youth organisation founded in 2010 active at the European level. GEYC is the initiator and coordinating organisation of PRISMA European Networka European wide coalition aimed to raise the quality of youth projects.
GEYC’s mission is to empower young people to create a positive change in their community. 


Nea Smyrni is a municipality in the south of Athens (Greece), which counts around 75.000 inhabitants. 

Diana-Urania Galetta – Full Professor of Administrative Law and EU Administrative Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Milan. Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Center on Public Administration (CERIDAP). Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the online Law Journal CERIDAP

YOUTH-ID is a French Non-Governmental Organisation which aims at empowering young people to be change makers. It advocates for an intergenerational society where young people contribute to build a sustainable world. 

RESISTIRÉ is a project financed by the programme Horizon2020 of the European Union. It is aimed at finding sustainable solutions to inequalities generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic and to strengthen societal resilience to outbreaks.

European Institute of Public Administration – EIPA was created in 1981 on the occasion of the first European Council held in Maastricht. The core mission of the organisation is to provide a mix of deep insights and practical knowledge about EU policies, to all professionals related to EU public affairs, with the key objective of further improving their skills and capabilities for efficient management of the policies.

The Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies of the University of Padua brings together scholars from the fields of political science, sociology, law, history, philosophy and linguistics, who conduct their research mainly in the areas of regional studies in the nation, European and International context; governance of public administrations and more.

Nicoletta Rangone, PhD, is Full Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Rome LUMSA. She is the holder of the Jean Monnet EU Approach to Better Regulation Chair and teaches in the European Master in Law and Economics. She is co-director of the journal Parliamentary and Constitutional Policy Studies, a member of the scientific committee of the AIR Observatory, and of the expert committee of the ASTRID Digital Ecosystem Lab.

Raffaele Torino – is full professor of Comparative Law at Roma Tre University, where he teaches European Union law and Comparative law. He holds a Jean Monnet module titled ‘Digital Citizenship for EU’ and is the coordinator of the ‘Europe Direct Roma Tre’.

Giulia Sonetti – MSc, PhD, Arch| Transdisciplinary Researcher at CENSE – Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research & CHANGE – Global Change and Sustainability Institute, NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University Lisbon | Alumni at the Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership & Principal investigator at TrUST.

Lise H. Rykkja – is a Professor in Political Science and Head of the Department of Government at the University of Bergen, Norway. Her research concentrates on the organization and development of public administration and democratic institutions, public sector management, administrative policies and reforms, based on a broad institutional and comparative perspective. Rykkja has been published widely in academic outlets, such as Public Administration, Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, and the International Journal of Public Administration. 

Ignazio Vinci – is Associate Professor of Urban planning at the University of Palermo. His research interests include urban policy in Europe and Italy, urban regeneration and local development, strategic planning, innovation in spatial planning and territorial governance. On these topics he has published around 150 works, including his latest book Urban Change and Regional Development at the Margins of Europe (Routledge, 2022).

Dr Francesca Giliberto -is a research fellow at the University of Leeds. Her work bridges research, policy and practice focusing on cultural heritage conservation and management, global challenges, sustainable development, and policy evaluation. It also facilitates the implementation of international frameworks at local levels, including the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, the UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape and UNESCO’s Policy on World Heritage and Sustainable Development. 

Dr. Cristina Stănuș –  Department of International Relations, Political Science and Security Studies, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu.

Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado, M.Arch., PhD. Professor of Urbanism and Urban Regeneration in the Department of Urban and Spatial Planning in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.  She has been expert for  the Action Plan of the Urban Poverty and Urban Regeneration Partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU and for the prospective work ESPAÑA2050 leaded by the Spanish Presidency of the Government.  Her fields of research are urban regeneration and urban policies from a holistic and multiscalar perspective.