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A practical handbook for local authorities and civil society organisations, aiming to favour the replicability of the P-CUBE method at the community level and to spread the knowledge on European Union issues and civic engagement.

The Syllabus provides information on how to integrate the P-CUBE game into university courses and how to evaluate students’ learning through the P-CUBE game. It is organised as a standard university syllabus so that it can be readily adopted with only minor adjustments.

The Manual is intended for the users, mainly the facilitators or teachers of the P-cube Game. It collects instructions on how to create game sets in the content management system, host game sessions and play, as well as explanations of the main screens and an overview of the digital game.


This document introduces the game sets of the educational P-Cube Game dedicated to the Urban Innovation field. It explains the interest of policy analysis for the decision-making processes of the urban contexts and synthetizes the main focuses of the current debates on cities and urban environments.

A collection of selected bibliography of recent handbooks and documents that focus especially on EU decision making as a topic of the P-Cube Game.

A review of academic literature approaching the topic of how science can support public policy decisions by bringing evidence into the decision-making policy. What is the (appropriate) role of science/evidence in public policy decisions?

This article provides a literature review of some of the key concepts used in the P-CUBE project and game development: Social Exclusion, Social Inclusion and Social Innovation.

This contribution summarizes the main models of decision making proposed by the public policy literature. It then presents a framework to analyse decision-making processes, along with the available strategies that a policy entrepreneur can use to overcome the decisional constraints in the context of non-routine contents.


These resources are reserved for teachers and facilitators only. You can request a copy of them by filling this form.

A set of 30 Teacher Instructions, one for each mission in the P-CUBE game, that describe the learning objectives, highlight the common mistakes made by students, suggest issues for debate and provide references.

This is a set of 30 narratives, one for each mission in the P-CUBE game, that describe how the mission unfolds, providing the solutions of each mission (the right actors, strategies, and answers) and support in conducting the game with students.